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Ordering Your Foster Pen

We, at Lindee Lu, work very closely with several cat charities around the country, providing new and maintaining, our much loved, cat pens.

Maybe you’ve never thought about fostering for a charity before or perhaps it’s something you’ve been thinking about for a while. Most charities organise home visits to assess individual properties for fostering needs. You may have a visit booked or already have been approved as a new fosterer.

We have a dedicated member of staff who handles all of our charity pen orders. You are welcome to phone and speak with us directly about questions you have in regards to pen designs and sizes, or further on in the process, delivery and installation.

One of the crucial procedures to follow is the ordering process for your charity. Orders are not placed directly with us from fosterers, managers or regional managers but through your charity Head Office. An official Purchase Order needs to be raised and sent through to our office, in order for the process to begin.

Once your order has been received, it is processed and entered into our delivery schedule. We will not contact you immediately, only as and when we are collating and confirming jobs for the coming weeks. You should have already been given an approximate delivery timescale from your coordinator or manager and we will be in touch three or four weeks prior to this.

During the booking process we will discuss with you the best location for the entry door to the pen, often emailing a diagram through to you for you to select the position. We also need to assess and have an idea of the access at your property. It is rare that we can’t make a pen in such a way, to fit into the tightest of places but in order that we ruct the pens in the correct manner, we need to know the following things:

  • Are there any width restrictions – gateways, paths, access through the house only etc.
  • Are there any height restrictions – archways on gates, low trees, garage doors etc.
  • Are there any tight turns to negotiate – around the side of your house, through the garage etc.

Once all this has been established we will confirm the delivery date and an approximate time of arrival. Scheduling is quite tight and it’s often hard to offer an alternative date if the first is not suitable but we do always try to accommodate where we can.