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Kitchens / Receptions and Storerooms

Regulations insist that you have a separate wash area for cleaning food dishes and litter trays etc. This does mean that you are not permitted to use your own domestic kitchen.

Although it is not a requirement, we do advise our customers to have an additional washing machine as washing hairy, possibly soiled bedding in your domestic machine is not a pleasant idea!

A place to meet and greet your guests, somewhere to store cat boxes, food and litter and a room for washing up with all your cleaning equipment etc. All of these are essential for the smooth running of your business.

Whether you’re looking for a 4ft storage area for all your bags of litter or a beautiful 10ft square kitchen, Lindee Lu can build it all into your cattery creating a work space attached to the pens making your life easier, especially in the cold, wet weather. Our reception rooms and kitchens come with fully fitted vinyl flooring which is warm underfoot, easy to clean and create a very smart and professional impression to your customers when they enter your establishment.