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Cattery Heaters and lights

A safe alternative to using lamps for catteries, the Pet Cassette produces an even radiant heat that is maintained at a safe level by an internal thermostat, ensuring a gentle efficient distribution of warmth over a wide area.

Designed for direct fitting onto a wall or ceiling, the Pet Cassette is available in two sizes:

Small: 380 x 410mm, 110watts, 240 volts

Large: 380 x 790mm, 225watts, 240 volts

The Pet cassette has a conveniently placed red neon indicator lamp, indicating that the unit is on and has an easy to clean, hard wearing finish

We fit our panel heaters onto the back walls of each house with the cables being installed into the insulated walls for extra safety for your visitors.

The thermostatic temperature will fluctuate between 65 and 75 degrees. The inbuilt thermal cut out will activate at 75 degrees but switch the heater back on once the temperature drops back to 65 degrees.

A qualified electrician will need to wire your cattery up to your mains electricity supply and we are able to supply low energy LED bulk head lights for him or her to fit for you in each run.