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Cattery Design and Build

Customer expectations of a cattery are rising all the time. More and more people want their cats to have a luxury holiday in a boutique hotel with a choice of menu etc. and we are fortunate enough to be able to provide you with as much luxury as you want.

Lindee Lu has its own factory with a team of highly skilled joiners who craft every cat pen from scratch by hand for each individual customer.

This gives us the pleasure of being able to manufacture each job specifically for you to suit your exact needs. Whether you are short of space or want to fill that awkward space in a misshaped corner of your garden, Lindee Lu can accommodate to fit your needs.

Setting up a new cattery business can be very daunting and we have an experienced team of people who will suggest layouts and designs best suited to your garden.

We do not charge for this service – we make site visits and surveys where necessary but most of our projects we find can be completed without this requirement, which speeds up the process and gets you up and running faster.

Feel free to send us your ideas – no matter how simple! Just as long as it gives us an idea of what you have in mind. From this we can design something that meets with all the current regulations and bring your ideas into reality.

Lindee Lu prides itself of the longevity of its workforce and because of this; the boys in the factory never forget a pen. Very often they will see a photograph of a cattery installed 15 – 20 years ago and they will immediately remember the name of the customer, where in the UK the cattery is based and what style of pens they have. This is all down to the pride they have in their work and the product we supply.

A single pen is as important to us as a 50 pen commercial cattery. Don’t forget – a cattery is not all about the cats! You will be living and breathing your cattery and it must be a pleasurable workspace for you too.

You are going to need planning permission to build your cattery and a licence to run your boarding establishment. Lindee Lu Ltd can help you through these stages with relative ease.

We can provide examples of scale drawings, design and access statements, material lists and exact dimensions for your cattery. Everything you will need for your planning application.

Unlike some other cattery manufacturers, Lindee Lu does not charge for this service as we believe it is important that your planning application is 100% correct. Incorrect submissions can often lead to the costly process of having to re-submit your plans – wasting time and money.

We always advise our customers to speak to their local council about a pre planning visit. There is usually a small charge involved for pre planning advice but this has proved to be invaluable and could save you a lot of money.

See inside a pen ruction