• Example of tanalised base during installation

  • Example of tanalised base during installation

It is important to think about the starting point for each pen and this is the base that it sits on. It is vital that all of the cat pens we supply are erected on top of a flat, hard-standing and any base that has a slight slope, bump or angle will mean that, while the pen can be erected, it might not sit square and be at its working potential.

The base sizes provided below are the minimum and recommended sizes. They will allow the pen(s) to have the smallest of overhangs, which in turn allows water to run off the sides and not pool at the bottom of the panels, where it can gather and ‘creep’ into the pen.

There are two considerations:

  1. Laying your own base of concrete (minimum depth of 4” required) or concrete slabs.
  2. Ordering one of our bases – tanalised timber & vinyl

With option 1, the floor you lay becomes the internal floor of your pen, so you have to think carefully about how easy it will be to clean and maintain.

With option 2, a level, hard-standing of compacted hardcore (edged with wooden batons), concrete slabs or decking needs to be ready on our arrival. Our tanalised timber frame sits onto your prepared ground and the vinyl becomes the floor of your pen, giving you a smooth, hard wearing, easy to clean surface.

The dimensions below are for the footprints of the regularly ordered size pens. We can easily calculate other dimensions for you if the pen you require is not on the list.

Roof prints are larger. You may need to take overhang into consideration if erecting close to a building, fence or other obstacle.