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4ft Walk in Chalet Style Houses

Used and approved by leading rescue groups throughout the UK.

The fully lined and insulated walk in sleeping quarter measures 4ft wide x 4ft deep x 6ft high and has a vinyl floor for easy cleaning. Two removable UPVC shelves, a fully adjustable air vent, lockable cat flap and a fully opening window leading to a sunning shelf make this a firm favourite with customers and cats alike!

Full height sneeze barriers between each pen can be manufactured in a choice of finish. Our sneeze panels come in solid white, opaque and clear acrylic with the most popular being opaque panels in the bottom half and clear panels on the top. This allows any nervous cats to have privacy but when they want to venture out; they can sit on their sunning shelves and check out the action in the neighbouring pens.

A 6ft long exercise area gives your cats plenty of space to explore and relax. A second sunning shelf provides another area to watch the world go by as it is near the front of the pen providing the perfect view point for whatever is going on in the safety passage and outside.

Our safety passages are a minimum of 3ft wide although many customers prefer a wider 4ft corridor making it easier for customers with cat boxes to manoeuvre their way through the cattery.